I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Where the party’s at

Isn’t the internet great?



7 Responses to “Where the party’s at”

  1. Oh, shit son! I’m totally going!!

  2. This dumb shit deserves to have everyone show up at his house. There better be a party.

  3. Dat *shiTe iz (gonNa) b saFe!~!

  4. Anyone who thinks Corey Worthington is a hero is just as much as a moron as he is. Lets see some bikers come round his house and destroy and watch fucking dumbass corey cry like the whiney little baby he is, thats why he is too much of a pussy to take off his glasses. And if you think partying with him is cool then it shows how fucking pathetic you are that you would want to hang out with a dumbass loser like him who is already seen as a walking joke!

  5. Good shit Corey Hater. I bet the useless punk isn’t even there. I sincerely hope that someone goes and points the finger at the kid, making him shit his baggy, white-trash pants.

  6. This idiot should be forced to stand and each member of society should be allowed to go up and hit the dickhead, i cant believe he actually thinks his cool. i saw that vid of him in the fight, he fights like a little girl, such a weak unit

  7. wat a ledgend haha
    love you corey

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