I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Even nerds talk about Corey

Of course, they hate him for having 500 friends. Real friends, not video game characters.

(In case you’re wondering, this comes up in a google search; I wasn’t browsing WoW forums… I swear.)


5 Responses to “Even nerds talk about Corey”

  1. Nerds are talking about him on Wikipedia too.

    If anyone wants that article back comment here.


  2. Cory u are a fucken Legen and u look hot

  3. As if he has 500 fucking friends you downy

    he advertised on myspace, so people he has on myspace told people they know and it spread around

    get it right before u start praising this reject

  4. A douche: Noun-you

  5. Nerds have real friends and are certainly more hotter than cory.

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