I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Has Corey been scammed?

There’s a chance that a certain internet website may have faked the $2000 party job offer just for the lulz.


This can’t be confirmed, but I hope Corey does get job offers. He’s good at throwing parties. If I ever wanted to party with underage Australians, he’d be the first guy I called.


18 Responses to “Has Corey been scammed?”

  1. No my friend, this CAN be confirmed:

    And what do underage Australians know about partying? You little smacktards sit there and talk about who’s shirt is more fluro. Or how fast you can down a can of Woodstock.
    Go back to Nike and Nintendo… You don’t belong in a man’s world.

  2. HEy, prty @ myne 2nite, brng booz n lots o sic cuntz, twill b awesm!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

  3. The Victoria Police really need to be given a good smack in the face when Corey goes to court, on these ridiculous trumped-up charges. That sow of a police commissioner Rixon also needs to be taught a lesson, and she will be,

  4. Too Funny!
    I love the Attitude from this gromet. Keep Chargin and Party Hard thats what being a Aussie is all about. woof woof.
    Corey you can organise my party.

  5. Hope he does get scammed, he’ll get a sense of reality.

  6. […] 16-jähriger Australier aus Melbourne namens Corey Worthington avanciert zur neuen Internet-Kultfigur. Die Eltern von Corey sind in den Urlaub gefahren und er hat in der sturmfreien Bude eine […]

  7. “brng booz n lots o sic cuntz”

    Oh your a real ladies man aren’t you.

  8. congratulations at becoming our new no 1 wanker corey you syphillis ridden tool

  9. that was actually him

  10. **as if that was actually him

  11. cory is fkin cool man what a ledgend !

  12. yeah get ova it ay
    its a party everyone loved it so yeah
    get ova it media

  13. Yes its real, because i did it.
    If anyone doesnt believe me, add my email raid email marcus_inja@hotmail.com to msn and say hi.
    Yes, that is coreys real email. anonymous raided him after his ACA appearance.

  14. sorry, marcus_inja@live.com.au. its been a while. online now.

  15. Hey i thnk Corey rox…. He can orgaiz mi party wen im 16 lol theres gonna be heeps of peeps fuk man lol gonna be so fukn funny

  16. corey.. Legend! love him and his partys!
    leave him alone!

  17. btw, hes really hot 😉

  18. lloll she takes that back, hes ranga :0

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