I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Is Corey worth remembering?

I was going to link to Corey’s wikipedia article, but it has already been removed and hidden. However, this writer saw the article and argues that it is not the party nor the reaction which is noteworthy (and wikipediaworthy), but rather the internet after-math which will support and broadcast Corey’s voice. Corey refuses to obey authority, and where is there less authority than the internet?

Personally, while I agree with this interesting aspect (and am living proof of it), I sincerely want people to see this kid partying and truly think about what he did wrong. If you actually listen to his interview, he had arranged a stop time with the neighbors before the party, but they called the cops regardless. When the cops arrived, Corey followed their instructions. Sure, in the aftermath he is responding flippantly and even disrespectfully, but he was terribly disrespected. Had the neighbors not intervened and the cops never showed up, would any property have been damaged? I propose not.

Enough talk. That’s not what the Corey lifestyle is about.

Party on.


26 Responses to “Is Corey worth remembering?”

  1. “A 16-year-old boy is facing charges of producing child pornography and creating a public nuisance following a wild party in Melbourne’s outer suburbs last weekend.”


    Yes, who better to remember than someone charged with child pornography related offences, they are surely the heros of our society…

  2. So you come and read the first article and post that?

    Yes, I’ve seen it, linked it, and quoted it below. If it’s an underage party with people having consensual, legal sex of any kind, or even nudity, and Corey takes a picture of it, that is technically producing child pornography. Want to see some baby pictures of me naked? Can’t – child porn.

    Please realize that I’m using hyperbole, but my point is still valid. And you’re still an idiot.

  3. this guys a dick he doesnt have 500 friends he just posted it on myspace and he stood there like a sack of shit in his interview on the news. he could have had a million good come backs but all we got were my glasses are famous. go suck a dick you bawbag

  4. So when you had an internationally known party, how did you handle it? Because he used it to establish a name and potential career for himself.

    The point is, he partied, he knew he partied, he didn’t apologize for partying.

    Party on.

  5. I once had this internationally known party down at the beaches of Cronulla.
    Me and a few hundred friends partied in a way that we deem ‘our style’ – and we didn’t apologize.

    Do you glorify us in the same way that you glorify some preteen punk who thought he could stick it to the man but is too afraid to answer a call from his parents?

    This kid sure as hell aint no modern day James Dean, and you need to stop hyping him up.
    The only career he’s going to get outta all this is the one he selects to pay back his 20k debt.


  6. Property was Damaged well before police arrived.

  7. You melbourne girls have terrible taste in guys. He loks like a teenage male prostitute.

    Its all been done before. Of course it got mass media attention.
    If you ever went to melbourne you would understand , the place is shit and nothing interesting ever happens.

    So let me get this right , You think if the cops and neighbours didnt get involved they would have only trashed his house and noone elses property ? Do you realize how stupid that sounds ?

  8. You seriousley think 500 drunk teens leaving a party and there isnt going to be dmg ? Oh yeah because they were all going to leave quietly and discreetly. How dumb are you ?

  9. The scumbag has now been arrested for producing child pornography. Who’s laughing now funsters?
    His parents are gonna cop a bill for 20 grand from the cops for the smashed cop cars and trashed street………..and his mummy doesn’t know what he did wrong.
    Maybe she should have thought about leaving the little bumwipe home alone whilst going to the gold coast on holiday for her own little pothead party
    A 16 year old is NOT capable of looking after himself let alone this little shit bag who needs the smile smacked from his face.
    His neighbors have wrecked yards
    Who is a hero now you dumb sons of bitches?
    Anyone who thinks he is somebody to be revered needs their bong emptied out.

    He’s a scumbag
    His parents are scumbags
    A Loser
    A no hoper
    A drunk
    A pothead
    A dopehead

    When he goes to jail, even a youth one, he is going to meet Mr Big in the showers.

    Won’t be such a happy boy then…

    just search Corey Worthington on Google

  10. What a loser this kid his he is one of the ugliest 16 year olds i have ever seen i would leave sunnies on my face to if i were that ugly i can see why he leaves them on he must finally realise that he is UGLY and has made the BIGGEST FOOL of himself ever he has totally just ruined his life LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. in 10 years time when he has matured (thats if he ever does) he is going to look back and think OMG i was a tool. and all those other people that think he is a hero like all the 16 year old girls are making absolute fools of themselves … the only reason they think he is great is because he was on tv PLEASE GIRLS ACT YOUR AGE take a good look at this kid and yourselves as well for even thinking he is cool seriously grow up you look like tools the way you are swooning over him he is so ugly

  11. Coreys ok by us here! That bi*ch of a news reader who first interviewed him need to be a news reader not school teacher, stick to your job nubbet. Her interview made Corey look more like a hero. Funny.

  12. Maybe some of my mates and I will do $20 000 worth of damage to Corey’s house in the dead of night. Then let’s see how keen the cops are to return there to help the loser and his moron parents.

    Idiot Corey, just like Paris Hilton, famous for all the wrong reasons – selfish, shallow, anti-social, oxygen thief.

  13. Is Corey a FAGGOT or what? He sure looks like one.

    Like a previous comment said, he’ll eventually meet Mr BIG in jail.

  14. hey to the user name vinny anyone that thinks he is a hero is dillusionall he is being charged with producing child pornography that is not something to be proud of!!!!!!! oh and that news reader did a fantastic job on her interview good on her he dosent realise how dumb he sounded when he said his glasses were famous he really showed how big of an ego he has he should have taken them off an apologised

  15. what i dont get is how people can call this wanker a legend. all he has done is advertised a party on the net and people showed up. he has done the exact same stuff a night club would do if they wanted people to come 2 the club. NO THIS DICKHE*D is not a legand. i hope he gets his head smashed and he finally learns. he is a gutless peice of crap. he throws a party while his parents aint home and gets caught and when his parents come home he is 2 scared 2 face them. HARDEN UP DICK

  16. “the corey lifestyle” some kid throws a massive open house, a bunch of tossas turn up and f*ck up the neighbourhood, causing heaps of damage and you praise him for it? there is nothing original about him, he’s an exact replica of every other typical 16 year old guy, he just has some shiny yellow sunnies… if that’s the kind of thing you place value in then damn do you people have some self esteem issues.. latching on to something ‘cool’, does that make you feel better about yourselves? sad.

  17. wait a minute corey is a legend how many other 16 year olds can say they are as dumb as he is not many teenagers can make a complete fool of themselves on tv most adult losers are known well like mr baldy for eg

  18. Corey is not cool.
    I think he should go back home
    and be nice to his mum and dad.
    because he has already mucked up too many things to even say
    and his not pretty
    I should be in fashion week not him!

  19. Yeh ur right guys i am i fuckhead… im screwed up man, my mum dropped me on my head wen i was a baby… i can’t help wat im doin, im retarded… its true i am tosser… a poof… n i am ugly… man my life has no meanin serously… i don’t even no y i get up in the morning.. y tha hell did i hafta make a fool of myself on tv??? “my glasses are famous” wtf kind of come back was that? wtf was i thinkin… fuck!!!! the sad truth is i bought them at the warehouse… aw man im such a loser, jus a loser!!! ANd i aint worth remembering!!!!

  20. Btw add me on msn


    imm really lonely… plz add me spec if ur a hot guy 😉 im kinda flirty atm…

  21. The article is back up now

  22. take you medication you little syphillis ridden turd

  23. In one word NO!

  24. OKK someone bagged melbourne girls and your a fuckinng dick mate.
    where do you come from huh?? its not like we have critisied you in having bad taste and he does not look liek a teenage prostitute i mean how would you knoww heyy?

  25. i remember u cory ur preaty hot

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