I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Ladies and gentleman, may I present…

Corey’s myspace page!

You’re welcome.


14 Responses to “Ladies and gentleman, may I present…”

  1. it’s not real.

    there is a real one, however.

  2. your a fucken loser mate. hahahaha…take a look at me, im a fkn pin dick, who thinks hes famous coz i am stupid enough to have an open house…at your fucken parents!

  3. Lol Corey Worthington is a pimply little knob. Give it a month and he will be forgotten. The media is simply trying to get their moneys worth from how much Australians hate him. You may have a few obese, child porn loving under 16 yr olds finding him attractive, but as a woman I have to say…I would never go there LOL as if.

  4. hahaha he wont be forgotten in a month now that hes going in the BB hous :).. i think hes awesome.. go corey

  5. Corey is a fukn legend he will never be forgotton.

  6. i agree with Emily
    fuckin legend broo
    hes the best thing thats happend to BB

  7. coery is a babe… coery is just a nomale boy. just leave him alone

    coery rox my jocks

  8. Corey is a fucking hottie.
    Leave him alone people dont know what there on about.
    Hes hot, nice and wont EVER be forgotten.
    I LOVE you corey.

  9. I agree with Shanea. He is an efing hottie and will never EVER be forgotten. Big brother is soo awesome for letting him in. he never did anything bad. he’s just a bad ass dude who loves to party. who doesnt?

    GOOD LUCK COREY! your awesome!

    xxxx em

  10. Corey is really nice and is just like any other teenager. Most teenagers would hav a party if their parents were on a holiday. The media need to leave him alone bcoz he has done nothing wrong. He was really nice on Big brother and proved he isn’t at all what some people are calling him. He is super hot as well. He didnt have a party 2 become famous he had a party 2 hav fun just it got a little out of hand..
    <33 Carrlyy X

  11. heyy.
    corry fucking awesome .
    but who gives a shit obut the party get over it if you call him a loosser your gay havent you all done somethign bad enough to get in trouble with your paretns. and leave the sunnies alone there fucking great.


  13. not his rea one !!!!

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