I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Uh oh…

Someone who very much seems to be Corey is now being faced with charges of producing child pornography and creating a public nuisance.

For some in depth discussion of this situation as it develops, keep checking the one and only site devoted entirely to Corey Worthington; ilovecoreyworthington.com !


5 Responses to “Uh oh…”

  1. How can you glorify the behaviour of this little knob jockey?

  2. once a wanker always a wanker

  3. This is fucking rediculous the little bastards gettn away with it, they should put him in juvie where he belongs, instead he gets on bb08 n all that shit, bullshit, any1 else woulda gotn locked up 4 that

  4. Corey is a faggot. i know because i enjoy it. check out MY website devoted to cory… (ITS ME IN ALL THE PICTURES)


  5. corey worthington is a fag

    anyone who likes him is a bigger fag

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