I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

Scam or not…

Corey’s making that money.

For the recent comments on the posts, I’m glad you got your voice heard. However, if you would like to form cogent points and grammatically correct sentences, I’ll actually respond to you.

Party on.


8 Responses to “Scam or not…”

  1. Found ultra fab Ode to Corey rap here, on a site thats full a surprises


  2. Some of us did, and were ignored anyways.

    In a completely legitimate and correctly mannered question:

    How can you idolize someone who makes a name for himself by being a public menace and refusing to accept responsibility for what he did?

    Examples being (But not restricted to):

    -Underage solicitation to drink without parental supervision
    -Underage drinking without parental supervision
    -Unlicensed venue
    -Unlicensed serving of alcohol
    -Irresponsible serving of alcohol
    -Violation of fire-code in regards to capacity
    -Violation of capacity in one venue
    -Damage to property caused by solicitation of venue
    -Reckless endangerment caused by solicitation of venue

    Even more relevant, how can you respect someone who is being charged with child pornography charges?

    Produce a valid argument that doesn’t display a complete disregard for common sense or logic that proves my statements otherwise and I will in fact join your moral ranks of pre-teen worship.
    For if you can do so, you will prove yourself right beyond all logical doubt whereby the only logical decision would be to agree with you.

    I await to read your reply, that is to say – if anyone can produce one matching my criteria (seeing as I matched yours)


  3. Child porn? Gimme a break! Phone-shots of party guests dancing “semi naked”.
    Cop-media bullshit ….

  4. I can’t wait for him to come to Sydney, then I may get to see the little pissant get his head punched in. Stay in Melbourne you little westie bogan.

  5. hey come on us melbourners arnt all that bad tho i would love to kill my teacher who keeps giving us homework on how great he is

  6. Cory Worthington is a complete moron. I cannot believe you have a site dedicated to him.


  7. Cory is by far the BIGGEST loser ever, webhost, your a tool
    how can you idolise a perosn who shames underage drinking with his ugly, steryotipcal, unorigonal personality who’s dancing around emo and tag along?

  8. hi, my name is melanie
    i wasn’t sure how to contact you so i decided to write a comment
    i’m doing a english oral on corey and ‘should he be considered a role’
    u seem to have a fair bit of understanding on him and was wondering if you could give me some information.

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