I Love Corey Worthington
Party On, Corey. Party On.

A rundown of events

Although ILoveCoreyWorthington.com, for some reason, is never mentioned. You may notice that it is, however, one of the first google results for “corey worthington.”

Check out the rundown.


32 Responses to “A rundown of events”

  1. shut the fuck up u wankers i would fucking hack this website and his myspace simply because I PHUCKING HATE COREY HE PHUCKING PHAIL! /spit him as a WoW player.

  2. oMg I LoVE YOoh SOOOoo MuCH CoREy…. YOoH CaN PlAn mY PArtY AnYDaY! MwA IlY>

  3. Omg your so phucking HOTT!!!! Omg your my hero and i wished i was at your party. Mwa mwa ttyl cya

  4. omfg i went to your party it was the best fucking party i had ever seen i loved it…. lost my virginatly at you party to this guy i was so off my head i dont even remember his name! lolz hope to crash at one of your other parties again…. laterzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. I’m truly disgusted that someone like this kid is being glorified for, in a nut shell, his lack of respect and intelligence. It is a true shame that our society has degraded down to a point where an uneducated child is idolized for doing nothing more than having a big party that results in a riot. If he was someone who created something constructive and helpful to society, like going to college and developing a cure for an illness or advocating peace in war-ravaged countries, then yes, he would definitely deserve praise. This child, however, is going to lose his “international” fame in a month or two, end up working at a McDonald’s, and never amount to anything worthwhile in life unless he changes his attitudes and starts respecting those around him. To those that worship him: pick up a book, read a newspaper, talk to a political figure, sit down after class and chat with your professor for a minute or two. To the young generations that think that us older folk don’t respect them: look at yourself. You get off on destruction and breaking rules. You look down on the older generations that have lived life, gone through college, learned things you can’t possibly imagine, and you assume that we know nothing. But respect is mutual. In order to receive respect from your peers you must show some respect towards them as well.

  6. hey mate,

    your the biggest dumb shit ever,

    good fucking work

    fuck you

  7. Heh, I love how easily he gets people to hate him.

    All the people who’ve have posted angry comments here have googled him, they must have excess hate to use up.

    Check this out: http://www.redbubble.com/people/boothy/art/785143-1-i-can-has-fame

  8. Hey Corey, how was your party?

  9. corey is releasing a single on monday may 5th – a cover of the beastie boys hit ‘fight for your right’ – info here…


  10. heh this site is pathetic.

  11. he is fkn hottt

  12. If anyone has actually seen him without those fucking gay sunglasses, they would notice that not only does his eyes look not dissimilar to a pig’s, but he is also ugly as a motherfucker. I hate him. He’s not hot at all. All he is, is a mildly clever little businessman who got lucky. Fuck him, and his stupid, stupid tough macho act. He’s a total tool.

  13. well
    let me first go by saying
    why dont yous who have to say something negative about corey have to waste there time creating a comment?
    do you want our congradulations?
    get over urself.
    i have written an eng essay on this kid
    and let me tell you, the media is the one who makes him look like something he is not
    so to yous who dislike corey, think again cause he has done nothing to you nor me


  14. I aim to punch Corey Worthington in the face before I die.

  15. if any1 fkn touches corey we will fkn kill you. Corey is the fkn hottest babe in the whole fkn world so fuck off and leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he hasnt hurt u so just let the kid live ha gues wat im gunns throw a party so u all hate me!!!!! ill do anything 4 corey xoxox love ya babe

  16. Honestly, get ova urself, u wouldn’t fkn touch Corey, He is soo hot, how could u have anything against him!!!!!! just leave him alone. ILY corey xxxxx

  17. He is just az fkn hot without his glasses on, Just coz ur boyfriends aren’t az hot az corey, there’s no need to b fkn skanks about it, If u had a fkn party az big az coreys the same things would b happening 2 u!!!

  18. OMFG, I luv u soo fkn much Corey, you’re a fkn babe!!!!! ILY xxxx

  19. y0oh R so0o kYo0t3

    l0vee y0ohh hunii3e

  20. h0ww can nee1 h8 yo0h sexxcciii?

  21. ok, so here is da rundown
    jus leave him alone guyz, he’s a 16 yo guy, all guyz dat age shuld b lyk corey. he’s a kyoote and sweet boi that deserves sum of ur respekt.
    srsly, i wish dat all of the peeps who r bein mean would jus back off.
    u jus all wish u were corey!
    if u actually spoke 2 him u wuld c that hez a kyoote and swet guy.
    he iz NOT A BOGAN!!!
    U R ALL BOGANZ!!!! !!11!!!1!!!!
    corey is a nice guy!!1!!!!1!!!! nd he deservz 2 b treated lyk a human bein!!!

  22. Corey has a really bad bod. Seriously mate, work out! You’re so overweight that I question why you’re famous!

  23. In my year 10 English class we are actually studying Corey for our Issues Unit.

  24. So, what happened when he finally went home?

  25. We have a serious lack of corey news over here. Where is he now? When is his next party? These are the questions the world wants to know.

  26. Действительно удивили и порадовали 🙂 Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает 🙂

  27. Coreeeey ,
    want to throw my birthday party? 🙂

  28. Corey who?

  29. I saw Corey the other day and he has become fat. He has developed the deepest bellybutton I have ever seen

  30. i will pee on you

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